Australia 1999

This great Australian trip in 1999 with my son Luke, was fantastic and the photos from then show it !

The photos in this site are alittle fuzzy because they are scanned photos!
I hope you like them anyway :-)

Australia is a great big beautiful place!
There are so many things to do and see!
From big city's to small towns in the outback!

The plane trip to Australia  from Denmark is about 23 hours give or take an hour :-)
So a stop off in Singapore or Bangkok is a great idea !


You have got to see it, and when you do you might as well buy a return ticket because once you've been there you are hooked !

I think Luke loves Australia  ! You can see it in his face!
Growing up and living there was a bonus for Luke.
Not to mention our holiday there!

Our house in Victoria and some family photos clipped together
Luke and Camilla having fun