Aussie trip2007

Our trip will take us from Queensland to Victoria, We will be crossing three states and the capital territory

  1 We start in Brisbane at my sisters Berits place where we crash afew days

  2 We then drive south to port maquarrie to visit my other sister Heidi and family

  3 We then head of to Sydney if our rental will allow it :-)

  4 through the Blue mountains and a bunch of other out back sights

  5 & 6  The capital city and the mountains around Candberra.

  7 & 8 South Durras national forest and Batemans bay.

  9 Turra beech  (Mum and Dads old place)

 10& 11  Lakes Entrance and the 90 beech.

 12 Berwick (Family and friends)

 13 Avon wilderness (Depending on the bush fires).

 14 Wilson's Prom. Tidal river.

 15 The 12 Apostles (Great ocean road)

 16 & 17 Grampians mountain range  and the old gold minding town in Ballerat.

There are a pile of bonza trips in between such as :

  • Philip Island
  • Ferntree gully and the mountains (where I grew up).
  • Melbourne and Melbourne by night,  Yarra river.
  • Cockatoo, Gembrook and the fresh water dams.
  • Healsville.
  • Pakenhm (our old house we lived in before moving to Denmark).

There will be plenty of stuff to do and see.